The Truth Radio Story

The Truth Radio

was founded by Eddie Allard & Stephan Lexima. It all started in South Florida in the summer of 1995. Oh what a summer it was, most of us in our early 20’s. The only thing we cared about in those days was…

  1. What we were going to eat and…
  2. Whose house were we going to eat it in.

Most of the time, it was at Stephan mom’s house.

Stephan & Eddie 1995
Stephan & Eddie 1995

To no one’s surprise, relationships came and they went. People were getting together and breaking up all over the place. Rumors would spread among certain individuals in our group. Most of the rumors coming from “The Coop” (a home in North Lauderdale, FL that hosted a plethora of what we called at the time “chickheads”…

The people needed a way to vent out their frustration and explain their side to the story, In that very moment, The Truth Radio was born!

In those days we recorded our shows on cassette tape (you remember, side A & B). We had a DJ cut and scratch tunes while we interviewed. It was a very simple concept and a lot of people started catching on to us.

Eventually at one point, we received death threats if we continued to record “these shows”. Can you imagine, someone talking about YOU on The Truth? People began making copies of the interviews we conducted and started passing them around. One copy eventually found it’s way to (FIU) Florida International University in Miami, FL. Someone there decided to play it over a radio station broadcast, the students loved it.

In 2002, The Truth Radio moved to Orlando FL.

On November 5th 2014 we joined WPRK 91.5 FM at Rollins College. A great station with a rich history in radio broadcasting in Orlando, FL.

Feel free to connect with us on any of our social media outlets. The Truth Radio never dies. We will always continue to bring you the best in Entertainment, News and Sports.

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