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Under the recommendation of AG Sessions and his deputy, POTUS informed FBI Director Comey that he had been terminated from his position. James Comey was in the midst of conducting an investigation into the administration’s​ ties to Russia when he was fired.

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Episode 63 – Make America Great Again He Said.

Recorded March 3rd, 2016. Topics include; Supreme Court Closely divided on the Abortion Case. It looks as if Donald Trump will be the next POTUS. Are The Golden State Warriors unstoppable? IHOP: Austin, Texas, Chain’s Server Writes ‘BLACK PPL’ on Customers’ Receipt for Takeout Order. Hardcore Henry movie review with Stephan Lexima.


Episode 42 – It’s The Age of Nuclear Women

Episode 42 – Recorded August 27th, 2015. Topics include; Is Hillary Clinton suitable of becoming President of the United States. Does the Bible have anything to do with some beliefs that females cannot be President? Bobby introduces us to a new term “Nuclear Women”. Subway has a new spokesperson and he’s a black guy in a green t-shirt. Is Jimmy John’s really that good? Are you ok with your significant other passing gas around you? R.I.P. to WDBJ news reports Adam Ward and Alison Parker. Z for Zachariah movie review with Stephan Lexima.