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Episode 54 – 2 Girls And A Stud

Recorded December 3rd, 2015. Topics include; The crew disects the “Santa is coming to town” song. Why do Mormons wear white shirts with black pants and ride bikes? Golden State Warriors Remain Undefeated 20-0. Kobe Byrant will retire after this season. Pamela Anderson bares It All For Playboy’s Final Nude Issue. George Zimmerman’s is posting revenge porn. Neil Patrick Harris: Actor Says He Is Open to Playing The Riddler in New ‘Batman’ Film. “Chi-Raq” moview review with Stephan Lexima.
Special Guest: 5.0

Episode 38 – It’s Jackson if you’re Nasty

Episode 38 – Full Video of Sam Dubose stop by Roy Tensing. Tyrese Gibson calls out ‘white’ radio stations for being racist. Hulk Hogan Fired by WWE as N-Word Scandal erupts. George Zimmerman Says He’s Homeless And Suffers From PTSD. Hundreds Gather for Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit. Cheating Wife Reportedly Busted while sexting at a Baseball game. The Realist relationship advice ever from a 20 year old….Rly? Mission Impossible 2015 movie review by Stephan Lexima.

Enjoy the pictures…

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Episode 27 – Juel in the Rough

Recorded May 14th, 2015. Topics Include; George Zimmerman was shot in self defense. You can now pay for someone to break up with your girlfriend. ‘Burritozilla’ destroyed in under 2 minutes. NBA Playoffs discussion. “American Idol’ finale ends on a low note. The ‘SuperGirl’ trailer is out, what do you think of it? What are the most annoying Facebook post you see on a daily basis? Mad Max movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Episode 26 is a lost episode!