Episode 49 – Los Pantalones Con Muchos Ojos

Recorded October 10th, 2015. Topics include; Lamar Odom shows no signs of improvement, prognosis worsens. Master P blames Kobe Bryant and calls him a phony; “You could’ve saved Lamar Odom.” Team Nutmeg suffers a damaging blow, 808 wants out. The Falcons are now 5-1 thanks to Drew Brees. Suave gives Crazy Eddie a gift he will keep for life. Everyone loves the classic 80’s cartoon Voltron. Co-Host candidate ‘Keege’ shows up an hour late to the show. Have you ever had Chicken and Waffles? Keege is plugging the hell out of UCF as a guest at Rollins College. Michael Winslow from ‘Police Academy’ was at the station this week. Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 1 review by Stephan Lexima.

Special Guest: Keege Smith

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