Episode 65 – Miracles from Heaven?

Recorded March 17th, 2016. Topics include; Floyd Mayweather Jr.: In Photos With Rumored 19-Yr-Old Girlfriend, Fox News Guest Trolls A Feminist Until She’s Shaking With Rage!, President Obama Roasts Donald Trump!, SeaWorld: Animal Park Announces It Will End Orca Breeding Program. Miracles from Heaven & Midnight Special movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Episode 64 – 10 Cloverfield Lane

Recorded March 10th, 2016. Topics include; ESPN’s Kate Fagan doesn’t buy Sharapova’s argument. Trump Supporter Punches Protester In Face At NC Rally. Yanet Garcia: I didn’t get BUTT implants. Katt William’s GF says I’m Done with the Drama. Hulk Hogan: Former Professional Wrestler’s Trial With Gawker Over Sex Tape Continues. 10 Cloverfield Lane movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Episode 63 – Make America Great Again He Said.

Recorded March 3rd, 2016. Topics include; Supreme Court Closely divided on the Abortion Case. It looks as if Donald Trump will be the next POTUS. Are The Golden State Warriors unstoppable? IHOP: Austin, Texas, Chain’s Server Writes ‘BLACK PPL’ on Customers’ Receipt for Takeout Order. Hardcore Henry movie review with Stephan Lexima.