Episode 56 – Don’t Turn Your Back On Me

Recorded December 17th, 2015. Topics include; Crazy Eddie dumps The Trump. Bobby loses his phone in Amsterdam. With Christmas closing in, we discuss What Did Jesus REALLY Look Like? Black girls don’t like Black Guys dating White Girls, but why? 808 explains her neck injuries, Cultures that smell differently, then walks off the set. Star Wars Movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Episode 55 – A Black Guy In Bensonhurst NY

Recorded December 10th, 2015. Topics include; Long-term view of the Golden State Warriors is scary for rest of NBA. ICE CUBE ‘Straight Outta Compton’ SNUB IS ALL GRAVY. DJ-Juel and LIL J are goo-goo-gaa-gaa over O’Shea Jackson Jr. Francis Ford Coppola: Director Calls George Lucas’ Attachment to ‘Star Wars’ Franchise ‘a Pity’. Stephan Lexima reviews the 2016 Golden Globe Nominations.

Special Guest: Nic Colarossi

Episode 54 – 2 Girls And A Stud

Recorded December 3rd, 2015. Topics include; The crew disects the “Santa is coming to town” song. Why do Mormons wear white shirts with black pants and ride bikes? Golden State Warriors Remain Undefeated 20-0. Kobe Byrant will retire after this season. Pamela Anderson bares It All For Playboy’s Final Nude Issue. George Zimmerman’s is posting revenge porn. Neil Patrick Harris: Actor Says He Is Open to Playing The Riddler in New ‘Batman’ Film. “Chi-Raq” moview review with Stephan Lexima.
Special Guest: 5.0