Episode 42 – It’s The Age of Nuclear Women

Episode 42 – Recorded August 27th, 2015. Topics include; Is Hillary Clinton suitable of becoming President of the United States. Does the Bible have anything to do with some beliefs that females cannot be President? Bobby introduces us to a new term “Nuclear Women”. Subway has a new spokesperson and he’s a black guy in a green t-shirt. Is Jimmy John’s really that good? Are you ok with your significant other passing gas around you? R.I.P. to WDBJ news reports Adam Ward and Alison Parker. Z for Zachariah movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Episode 41 – Religion, Politics and Doughnuts

Episode 41 – Recorded August 20th, 2015. Topics include; Jared Fogle the Subway guy and his molestation charges. John Mcenroe thinks he can beat Serena Williams. Is LaLa cheating on New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony? Ashley Madison leaks are a big problem for the unfaithful. 808 and Ms. Jackson doesn’t think women are capable of running a country, do you agree? Donald Trump is still a force to be reckoned with. No Escape movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Episode 40 – An Interview with The Orlando Rattlers

Episode 40 – Recorded August 13th, 2015. Topics include; One Person’s Perspective (OPP) in a relationship. The Orlando Rattlers stop by the station to speak about their upcoming schedule and outstanding community services. The world’s biggest glazed donut from ‘Donut King’ makes an appearance. A little discussion about Polygamy sparks a debate. Khloe Kardashian Ambushed by Lamar Odom at SoulCycle. Wendy Williams falls off stage during Houston gig. Straight Outta Compton movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Special Guest: The Orlando Rattlers
Website: http://www.orlandorattlersfootball.org/

Episode 39 – Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Mars

Episode 39 – Recorded 6th, 2015. Topics Include; Accepting Accountability and Effective Communication. Who’s to blame for all the problems in your relationship? Is it you or your other half? Listen as 808 struggles to communicate with Crazy Eddie. Also, Who won the GOP debate? Tyrese protests at IheartRadio cited by cops. Floyd Mayweather Jr. says I guarantee victory over Andre Berto. Checkers and Rally’s: Restaurant Chain employee spreading food on floor. Busta Rhymes charged with assault for throwing protein shake. Comedian Mia Pinchoff calls in to say Hi. GoodNight Mommy movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Special Guest: Lolly Beltran