Episode 33 – Words That Begin With N

Episode 33

Recorded June 25th, 2015. Topics Include; Does the Confederate flag offend you? President Obama owns a heckler at the White House LGBT pride event. 50 Cent deleted his posts making fun of Diddy’s arrest. Miss USA Host Cristian De La Feunte says; “Mr. Trump, You’re a Clown”. Mexico’s Yanet Garcia is the world’s sexiest Meteorologist. Dustin Diamond better known as “Screech” sentence to 4 months in jail for stabbing incident. 6 years without Michael Jackson. New Swimsuit Campaign proves cellulite is sexy. Ted 2 movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Episode 32 – Dancing With The Stars – D3MST. Ent Interview

Episode 32 Recorded June 18th, 2015. D3MST. Ent is an up and coming group from Orlando, FL. 3 brothers (Oldest to youngest: Derrick goes by (Mann), Devin, and Deion goes by (DeeDee)), they have been dancing since they were knee high. 5 years ago they had the city of Orlando behind them as they tried out for America’s Got Talent Season 5. The group name was “Studio One Young Beast Society” or S.O.Y.B.S. They ended up placing 5th out of 90,000 acts that year! On their journey, they learned a lot however the group parted ways not long after the show. They now go by D3mst pronounced (dim-street). D3mst now produces their own music and are ready to explore the industry as new upcoming artists. Make sure to check out their 1st single “Throw it”, the video is now on YouTube.

D3MST. Ent, “Throw It” – http://youtu.be/XEUrU0YGjdA
Twitter – @d3mst
IG – @d3mst

Videography by – Tony & Kim Palmieri
Aspire Multimedia & Photography

Episode 31 -What is BBW?

Recorded June 11, 2015. Topics include; What is a BBW? Sean Goelz leaves the show for his dream job. Why does everyone hate LeBron so much? Televangelist Pat Robertson says God killed baby to stop next Hitler. Rick Ross’s Bentley did him in – Busted for Marijuana. John Amos was kicked off Good Times because he didn’t “shuck & jive”. Dusty Rhodes WWE Legend Dies. Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell Planned to Be Getaway Driver. Pizza Hut to sell pizza with crust made of hot dog bites. Jurassic World review with Stephan Lexima.

Episode 30 – Steph Curry With The Shot

Recorded June 4th, 2015. Topics include; A woman dies after Basement Butt injection. Lord Jamar says: Bruce Jenner’s Transition to a woman is a “Sickness”. NBA FINALS 2015 Game 1 live coverage. Miami Heat sees another Super-Team scenario – Wade not Cooperating. “Queen of Versailles’ Couple says Florida Palace is back on. A.I. Expert Sounds Alarm Over ‘Killer Robots’. Spy movie review with Stephan Lexima.

Episode 29 – National Beef Day

Recorded May 28th, 2015. Topics include; #NationalBurger day. An artist sells Instagram photos that aren’t his for $90,000 each. A simple text can crash messages on any iPhone it’s sent to. NBA Finals discussion. Jennifer Lopez handles confetti bomb like a pro. Will Smith will not be in Independence Day 2 movie. Johnny Depp face is 10 years in jail for smuggling dogs to Australia. 7 types of toxic friends you need to immediately ditch. San Andreas movie review with Stephan Lexima.