Episode 16 – Flo Motion’s Last Ride

Recorded February 26, 2015. Topics include; New Whiplr app helps you find a local Mistress, Weed is now legal in Alaska, Nutella Jar kills a dog, Larry Sanders walks away from the NBA, Lebron James and his 10 year old son, Madonna’s big fall in the Brit Awards, LLamas on the loose in LA, Empire is now a top rated Drama series, The Oscars review by Stephan Lexima and much more!

Show 15th is a lost episode!

Episode 14 – 49 Bottles Of Shade

Recorded February 12, 2015. Topics include; Jacksonville BBQ Burglar, Illegal Pot Growers, Tampa couple wakes up in dumpster, Bill Walton throws shade at Michael Jordan, Kanye West and Taylor Swift to record together, Valentine’s day plans, New app Cuddlr lets you cuddle with strangers, Kingsman Movie review. Fifty Shades of Grey Review.

Episode 13 – Wildebeest In The Serengeti

Recorded February 5, 2015. Topics include; Brian Williams under fire, Jordan vs Isis, Orlando Magic fire Jacque Vaughn, Bruce Jenner wants to be a housewife, Jay-Z and Beyonce move to L.A., 10 best cities to be single, Bill Cosby debate, American Sniper Movie, Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie. Music by; Spree Wilson, Damian Marley.

Episode 12 – The Super Bowl Review

Recorded February 3rd, 2015. Topics Include; Delta Pilot locked out of cockpit, SUPER BOWL XLIX, Suge Knight charged with murder, Anderson Silva wins at UFC, Mariah Carey lip sync fail, Bobbi Kristina doing significantly better, Warren Sapp arrested, Taylor Swift’s ass. Music by: Stevie Wonder **We’re moving to Thursday’s 11pm to 1am**